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On Tuesday, 25th of September, Bart and Nigel could be heard on 3FM Tussenuur. The previous Monday, they drove from our school to Hilversum to record this podcast, in which they were interviewed by Coen van der Brader. After about an hour in the car, the two boys and their teacher, Miss Jonkers, arrived at the NPO-building (Dutch Public Broadcasting Studio) and they were warmly welcomed.

During podcast they discussed several purposes which robotics could offer. Thus, there was a girl for who robotics are essential to keep following her lessons at school. There also was an expert on the phone who discussed the possible dangers of killerbots. Nigel and Bart mainly talked about FTC, but they also adressed why they are interested in technique and why they want choose for technic-based studies, drawing to a conclusion they don’t choose technical studies for the job-security. The trio had a fun time and on behalf of our team we want to thank KX-Music and 3FM for the wonderful opportunity. To read the article and listen to the podcast: click this link (unfortunately Dutch only).

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