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Engineering working hard

This Friday we worked hard to make progress on the robot. Today was the deadline for the collection mechanisms’ prototypes. We observed them and discussed how to improve them. Some new ideas surrounding the prototypes were created. The prototypes will be developed to ensure it works more reliable and is less heavy. This will spare us lots of time during the competitions. We did some further thinking on the lift mechanism, on how to build the actual lift. We made a list of the necessary materials, a few of them which we probably need to buy. Our programmer Nigel also did a lot of work. He thought of how he wanted to let the robot know where he was on the field, utilizing GPS. This may sound easy, but we have to use a color camera to define where the robot is on the field at a certain moment. Of course, through this method we don’t use a real GPS system. If the method will work is still unclear, but we have faith. All of us work very hard to achieve our deadlines. The deadline for a finished robot is set for the end of our autumn break. We’ll need to hold on and push through for a little while longer to finish on time, but we should succeed.

About Bart

member from 2015 to 2019

I have been part of FTC team SPACE for four wonderful years. I've been able to take part in the most difficult challenges and I've enjoyed the journeys we've made a lot! I have learned a great deal in these 4 years, such as how to approach companies and how to maintain contact with them. On the technical side I learned to think creatively and mainly think in solutions not in problems. Now it's time for a new adventure. I'm studying Maritime Technology in Rotterdam. Here I will be educated as a Maritime engineer. See ya later Space!