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Kick-Off Skystone 2019-2020!

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It is that time again!

Since the end of the previous season, Reinier and I have been looking forward to the new season. Halfway through, six new member joined the club of waiting robot-fanatics. And then, after a few weeks, the day was there!

The kick-off of the Skystone season! Our folder was ready. Our ENB has been written and updated several times already. We took enough pictures in our meetings to fill a few folders. The only things we were missing were the two parts of the Game Manual.

But before seeing the challenge, everyone followed two masterclasses. Our new members really profited from getting an explaination of something that their experienced team members couldn’t explain well.

After our dinner, which was quite delightful, we all gathered around the (then covered) playing field. Everyone felt the tension rising. And then they revealed: Skystone. The skybridges, the towers, a human player. The challenge is very diffent from the other challenges I’ve seen, just like we expected from FIRST.

Our new team is more excited than you can imagine. We’re all excited to work on this awesome challenge!

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