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Looking back at World Championship 2019 in Detroit

About a year ago, we as Team SPACE were present at the World Championship 2019 in Detroit. It was the last year for a lot of our members, so this was definitely a fun way to end their FTC careers. We met a lot of teams from a lot of different places in the world, and we could really learn a lot from each other.

Dylan and I, the only members who stayed in the team when the season was over, got a lot of experience from there. The World Championship was one of the coolest thing we’d ever done, and the experience really motivated us to try our absolute best in the following seasons. We’ve seen the best robots out there, and tried our best to match that quality in the future.

When we arrived on the first day of the competition, we already witnessed how high the bar was. We practised and tested with our robot a whole lot because of that. Watching all of the matches was such a blast. All teams were super motivated, and the atmosphere was fantastic. the same goes for the pit area, where worked on our robots, but also talked to other teams. This is how we exchanged a lot of knowledge that week.

We also had fun when we weren’t competing, of course. This goes for moments between our team members, but also interactions with other teams. We met up with some other teams to go eat something downtown, for example.this is how we made a lot of new friends. FTC is one of the easiest ways to find new people with interests that match yours.

Our matches went great, and to our own surprise, we managed to win quite a few of them. In the end, our results were enough to put us in 7th place in our division.

All in all, we obviously look back in a very positive way to our time in Detroit!

About Reinier

member from 2017 to

Hello, my name is Reinier. I’m 16 years old. This is my third year in this team. Within the team I’m an engineer. Working with robots and different technologies is very interesting to me. I like FTC because you collaborate on very diverse problems and you’re able to reach wonderful goals. With this team, we can do this without a doubt.