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Thinking outside the box in an 18" box

Looking back at our robot 6 weeks challange.

Before our first league meet we did a robot in 6 weeks challange, I will be looking back on this and tell you what we’ve learned from it. It all started before the kickoff when Nigel and Bas(alumni members and advisors) preposed to do a robot in 6 weeks challenge, with the reason that it would be great to give our 4 new members some experience and to get a good robot for league meet 1. We thought it was a great idea and started making a planning before the kickoff. Week 1 went fairly well. We decided a strategy and made a list op functions our robot neede to have. our goals were: Scoring and parking in autonomous, scoring in the shared shipping heb durring driver controlled and scoring the ducks in endgame. Week 2 also went well, we had a big brainstorm and strarted testing our idea’s. In week 3 we tested our last idea’s and made the final build plans for the robot. In week 4 we made great progress, we finished building the the entire robot apart from the intake. Week 5 went less well. Our intake system was less efficient the we had hoped and some of our 3d prints had failed. Week 6 was amizing due to the grandparets of an alumni member who gave us an amazing workplace in their garage during our school break. We made amazing progress and managed to finish our goals for the robot in 6 weeks challange. Nu ik terugkijk kan ik met zekerheid zeggen dat de robot in 6 weken een succes was met onze overwinning op de eerste league meet in Eindhoven hebben we al onze doelen bereikt, behalve het scannen van de positie van onze team marker met de camera, verder is alles goed gegaan. We hebben veel geleert en zijn klaar voor de rest van het seizoen, voor alle andere teams met veel rookie members raad ik een robot in 6 weken erg aan.

About Gabriel

joined in 2020

Hello, I am Gabriël, I'm 15 years old. When I was 12, I already did FLL. We were the best team of our school. I already watched Team SPACE play, and I was really interested. In my first FLL year I also visited a league meet at Newmancollege. Because the teams were at the Dutch Open, I was the one telling the children about FTC. The last year was fun but we didn't make it far because the COVID-19 virus. But im excited for this new year!