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Dutch championship


Departure and preparation

    The NK was super cool to play in. We met many teams and did cool things. At a quarter past seven in the morning we were ready to drive to Veghel, so that we would arrive on time. We started by setting up “the pit”, but we forgot about the connectors. This resulted in a smaller setup. de pit is wat gekrompen After this, the drivers Luuk, Gabriel and Taro had to have the robot approvedĀ  to participate in the championship andĀ  we went to do the jury presentation. We were one of the first teams to give our jury presentation at half past nine. The jury presentation went very well and the jury was also enthusiastic. We talked about how we built and designed our robot, our robot in 6 weeks, outreach, how it works and how to program it.

The match itself

    We had to play 5 matches against different teams. We played in qualifying 3,11,20,24 and 35. It all went well, but it never really went perfectly. It did not always go well with autonomous, for example, because the wheels that ensured that the robot knew where it was in the field, so that the robot drove too far with the autonomous. It also didn’t go perfectly during driver controlled, because blocks got stuck in the robot itself and you can only hold one block at a time. match NK

Food and the finals

    After the matches, the 4 teams with the most points were allowed to choose their partner to play the finals together. Unfortunately we were not among them, but team that did not spoil the fun. It took a while before it was our turn at the chip shop, but it was certainly tasty. Food that you have to wait for just tastes the best. High scores were scored in the finals. Pink won with a convincing high score of 246 points. Together with Gentlebotz and Stanislas Tech Team as alliance partners, they were the winners of the Dutch Championships. Unfortunately we didn’t win an award, but we had a great day. Kan een afbeelding zijn van een of meer mensen, staande mensen, binnen en de tekst 'FIRST TECH CHALLENGE NETHERLANDS HAMPIONSHIP WINNER 2021 2022'

See you next season!

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