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member from 2019 to 2021

Hey, I am Sara and I was a part of Team SPACE for 2 years. During these two years I learnt a lot about anything to do with robots. Together with the team I made many fun, and also some stressful, memories. Besides the memories with the team I also liked meeting other teams. So was meeting teams from different countries during the matches in Barcelona one of my favourite memories.
Now I am going to university, but I don’t think I will forget SPACE. I wish Team SPACE a lot of luck and fun in the next years!

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How I learned 3D printing

This was my first year of FTC and in addition to engineering, I also did 3d designing and printing for the team this year. Before the last summer vacation I had never worked with a 3d program or a 3d printer. During the summer holidays I learned how to work…

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