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Dutch championship


Departure and preparation     The NK was super cool to play in. We met many teams and did cool things. At a quarter past seven in the morning we were ready to drive to Veghel, so that we would arrive on time. We started by setting up “the pit”, but we forgot about the […]

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Tosti actie!

Donderdag is het zo ver, er is weer een tosti actie! De tosti actie vind plaats op donderdag 3, 10 en 17 februari in de grote pauze van het Newmancollege.

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An interview with Thijs, an old member

Thijs, one of our engineers, just graduated from highschool. And of course we’d like to congratulate him. Sadly, this means he’s going to leave the team. We’re really going to miss him, and that’s why we interviewed him about his time with FTC. Laurens: What was it like to join our team for one year, […]

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How I learned 3D printing

This was my first year of FTC and in addition to engineering, I also did 3d designing and printing for the team this year. Before the last summer vacation I had never worked with a 3d program or a 3d printer. During the summer holidays I learned how to work with OnShape and Casper (a […]

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My experience as a first-year programmer

Last season was my first season with FTC. I had already heard a little about it through some friends, but when I became programmer for Team SPACE I still didn’t know what I was getting into. The first few weeks took to a bit getting used to, mostly because I’ve never really worked with a […]

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A very much anticipated update

It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost. A lot has happened in the meantime: we qualified for the Dutch League Championship, and we also went to Vic, Spain. We won our first league meet, and did well in the second one. Too bad this quality of play didn’t transfer to the Dutch League […]

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Kick-Off Skystone 2019-2020!

It is that time again! Since the end of the previous season, Reinier and I have been looking forward to the new season. Halfway through, six new member joined the club of waiting robot-fanatics. And then, after a few weeks, the day was there! The kick-off of the Skystone season! Our folder was ready. Our […]

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